How to debug Python app by Pycharm

I wrote dynamic programming language from working to now. Most of my time also use print(Python), console.log(JS), puts(Ruby) to debug any scripts or web apps. from my before experience, I only know Ruby had byebug package which could write a byebug line in your code and run it, it will show something information that you could debug in the terminal.

This is my first know debug method in dynamic languages … XD

In this article, I will take you to know how to debug Python apps by Pycharm which was I learn recently…😆

  1. Open your project and click the dropdown button

  1. Select Edit Configurations.

  1. Click ➡️ Select Python ➡️ Choose your script or web entrance file ➡️ Set Environment Variables if your app needs ➡️ Apply and OK.

  2. Click + adding a variable, fill the variable key and value column.

  1. The name would map your task name.

  1. Finally, you will get a task which like following name api debug(It’s my task name).

  1. Put red icon in a line(or two red icon become a scope), Click the bug button to start the debug mode🎉

  1. Then you can see code information(variables, library…) at IDE.

If you run web app, you need to give API a action, then debug mode will be trigger.


This is my first time using debug mode in dynamic languages by Python. Write down my experience when I forgot steps on another day… XD